Latest Reviews on Best Innerspring Mattress – A complete Guide

Looking to get a new mattress? The sheer variety of options can be confusing. But we’ll help you choose the best Innerspring Mattress for your bed.

An Innerspring mattress provides support to your body in proportion to the pressure it applies.

This helps keep the spine straight by giving a proper hug in each position. But with so many spring varieties and densities, hybrid combinations and topper selections, things can get confusing. But we’re determined to help you make the correct purchase.

Before we begin discussing individual mattress, let’s first cover some basics.

Innerwha? What are Innerspring mattresses?

There is a startling variety in the types of mattresses in the market. But the oldest among them all is spring mattresses. The first commercial mattresses were a block of foam placed on a mesh supported by springs underneath, all stitched close. You might find them unrefined today, but their shortcomings have been addressed in the modern innerspring pocket coil mattresses.


Pocket coil mattresses have each of their coils wrapped separately in a pocket of fabric, and there is no wire mesh on top to make them move together. How this helps is it lets each coil compress and decompress individually. As a result, the mattress can support your body with each coil chipping in individually.

Innerspring mattresses are superior to most mattresses of the same price range, thanks to the many advantages this new structure affords them.

Why Innerspring Mattresses are better

Better Support

The comfort you get on innerspring mattresses can be attributed to the springs being free to bend independent of the others around it. This lets the mattress compress in proportion to the weight above individual area, giving you a better hug.


Good quality springs can last for years being compressed and decompressed. With insulation protecting the foam above the spring, the softer layers don’t have to deal with as much stress as in a conventional mattress.

Airing Out

Springs are essentially hollow columns with a lot of space for air. This air is a big detriment to bacteria and mold, which thrive in damp air cut off from the world. It also slows down mites and other creepy crawlies.

Easy to pair

Innerspring mattresses are usually topped with high quality foam. But there are hybrid variants which pair the mattress with a layer of latex or memory foam that combine the benefits of both while also eliminating any limitations the latter technology has.

What to look for in an Innerspring Mattress:

There’s a lot to evaluate your innerspring mattress on. Here are the four most important criteria.

Spring Count

You’ll hear all sorts of advice about spring count and how more is better. The truth is, after a level (dependent upon your mattress size), more springs are just overkill. You don’t need 2000 springs in a Queen Mattress. Upto 800 springs, you’re looking at a bad deal. 1000 to 1500 is great, but as you go higher, the manufacturer is probably using coils with different parameters to merely boost the count and sell at a higher price. Those extra springs are not going to contribute to your mattress’s comfort or durability in any way.

Size Specifications

Mattresses are often qualified into sizes such as Queen, King or Twin. Bed frames are branded similarly. It can be easy to think they’re the same dimension, and in most cases, they are. But to avoid having your Queen size mattress fall short of the length of your Queen size bed frame, it is best to go by inches when choosing your bedding.


Mattresses can last up to 25 years, and many go even longer. Having a warranty not only give you assurance that your investment will be fruitful for more than just a few months, but it also testifies to the quality of the product and the confidence the company has on the product.


You don’t want to sink into your bed like it is a hammock. Nor do you want the bed to be a slightly fluffier version of the pavement. Proper tautness can be gauged by laying on a mattress for about 15 minutes. You shouldn’t feel an unnatural pressure at any point of your body in any position. Proper tautness is essential to keep your spine straight and facilitate restful sleep.

If two mattresses fare likewise on these four, using price as a criteria is a just evaluation.

The 5 Best Innerspring Mattresses

LinenSpa Memory Foam and InnerSpring Hybrid Mattress

What Works:

  • Light in Weight and Easy to Flip or move around.
  • Optimum Firmness that is hard to find in most other mattresses.
  • 10 year warranty
  • The Best Budget Friendly Mattress

What Doesn’t:

  • Perfectly average looking.
  • Not meant for heavy people

Linenspa’s Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress is the quintessential hybrid mattress, but at the price it is available, it is certainly a superior option. It performs well under moderate stress, which makes it great for kids and teenagers. It is also known to have minimum indentation even months after constant use.

For those looking for a good mattress under $200, Linenspa is a pretty good option. Shipping and transportation is easy too since the bed weighs 70 pounds even in the California King size.

The design of the mattress is commendable. With a layer on memory foam on top working to give you proper comfort according to your body contours and a cushioning foam layer underneath, the mattress balances tautness and hug perfectly. The tempered steel coils at the bottom are separated from the foam top by a felt pad that enhances insulation.

The performance of the mattress is good too. Innerspring mattresses are unfairly associated with creaking springs. However, under practical stress levels, the springs are pretty silent. The bounce does not come with the associated jolt a co-sleeper feels when you get up.

Allowing the mattress 24 hours to fully expand is crucial, however. You may also prefer to use a mattress topper with this one, especially if you intend to use it at higher stress.

Dreamfoam Bedding Spring Dreams Two Sided Pocket Coil Mattress

What Works:

  • Reversible
  • Light in Weight, Easier than most mattresses to lug around.
  • Appealing finish.
  • Low Denting after significant use.

What Doesn’t:

  • Mattresses are smaller than the standard dimensions of their sizes.
  • Unsatisfactory Edge Support

Reversible mattresses make for twice the longevity of a normal mattress. This is the major benefit to buying the Spring Dreams mattress from Dreamfoam Bedding.

The Quilting and foam that covers the spring system allows you to flip the mattress to get the same level of comfort while also keeping the mattress healthy. 1024 coils is not a bad deal, especially since they are pocket coils, individually wrapped to give superior hug and minimise disturbance due to movements by your co-sleeper.

Regarding design, foam provides a medium firmness that can suit most people. Since the mattress is just 9 Inches thick (effectively lesser if you consider it being only one side), increasing the thickness is not an issue if you choose to add a mattress topper. The overall appearance of the mattress is good, and you may use it without bed linen just as comfortably.

The only thing to watch out for is the dimensions. Despite how comfortable the mattress has been made by superior design, the size it refers to by the common classifications like “Queen” or “King” can come out to be several inches short. Check the dimensions of the product with the bed instead of going with terminology.

Signature 13 Inch Mattress from Signature Sleep

What Works:

  • Superior comfort level. Easily the most plush mattress in this list.
  • Free from PBDEs, TDPCC and TCEP flame retardants, ozone depleters and heavy metals.
  • Looks attractive even without bed covers or bed sheets.

What Doesn’t:

  • The mattress is very heavy. The package weighs about 100 pounds.
  • Structural deterioration is an often-reported issue.
  • 13 Inches might be too tall for old people on already tall bed frames.

The Signature 13 Inch Mattress is soft, plush and feels comfortable. It fits the budget, lets you breathe clean air without stinking it up with chemicals and pollutants too.

The cover of the mattress is made of bamboo ticking that aids moisture absorption as well as allows air into the surface of the mattress, aiding both cooling and hygiene. Pocket coils help keep the mattress soft and comfortable to the body’s contours.

The mattress is built on top of high performance springs individually encased so as to keep motion transfer to a minimum. There are several layers on foam on top of this layer, separated by an insulator pad that provides cushioning and pressure relief. With 4 layers on HD Support foam, Comfort foam pillow top and a fire retardant barrier, the mattress makes sleep come naturally. Effectively, this is among the softer mattresses that might be enjoyed by those who like their beds plush.

In addition, the mattress structure has a differentiated pressure profile. The area under the head and neck region, under the lower back and the region meant for the feet all have different support profiles, aimed to keep the spine straight and the body relaxed at sleep.

Zinus 12 Inch Performance Plus Extra Firm Spring Mattress

What Works:

  • 10 year warranty (limited)
  • High Quality Springs
  • Added HD Foam adds to support

What Doesn’t:

  • Can be too firm for some.
  • Very Heavy, weighing about 120 pounds.

Apart from the covers that immediately catches your attention, Zinus 12 Inch Performance Plus Extra Firm Spring Mattress also impresses with its build. Built on top of a layer of enclosed springs measuring 7.5 Inches, You have 2 layers of High Density Foam meant to provide support, measuring 0.5 Inch and 2 Inches. On top rests the 1.5 Inch softer foam for comfort. The top is made of a micro fiber quilted fabric 0.5 Inches in thickness. The 10 Inch version skips the 2 Inch layer of High Density Foam.

The 10 year warranty testifies to the mattress’s durability, although there are occasional issues reported about how much it dents. The mattress performs well, however. The springs are silent, the sides are well supported and the plushness is welcoming, serving as a good balance to the firm support at the base.

This mattress is not for everyone, however. It is best suited for people who prefer a firm bed. The top is plush and welcoming, but at the end of the day, this mattress serves those who like a taut mattress better. Adding a mattress topper of your preference can help you be more at ease, if you find the mattress to be too firm.

Olee Sleep 13 Inch Box Top Hybrid Gel Infused Memory Foam Innerspring Mattress

What Works:

  • Provides a stable rest with ample hug.
  • Among the best hybrid options in the market.
  • Low Indentation.
  • Cools pretty well, making it a pretty amazing option compared to ordinary memory foam.

What Doesn’t:

  • Heavier than the average mattress.
  • Can be firmer than most people expect, might need a topper.

For a mattress built in this amount of detail, there is little competition in its price range. Over the 7.5 Inch spring layer you have a several layers of low and high density memory foam to provide comfort as well as spinal support in the right proportion. The cover and fabric makes ventilation easy, keeping the mattress well cooled and more hygienic.

A persistent complaint against memory foam mattresses has been that they trap heat close to the body, since memory foam dents only with application of body heat. This has been dealt with by using a 1 Inch Eco friendly gel layer that helps carry heat away from you while you’re resting.

Once again, the mattress has its shortcomings. The firmness is too high for some, which can be attributed to the 2 Inch layer of High Density Foam. Using a softer topper to balance it can be helpful, and looking at the price, it is more doable as compared to the previous mattress.